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Hi!I am Deaun and I LOVE SCENTSY!!My first purchase really impressed me - I came home that first evening after setting my warmer up in my kitchen and I could not believe the way my house smelled OR the way I felt coming into such a wonderful smelling home!  It's like - "Oh - I'm home"!I have worked in the fire service for over 23 years, so I have experienced first hand the devastation that candles can cause a family.  When I found SCENTSY, I vowed that I would spread the word so that candles could not harm another person!I enjoy letting people "smell" my scentsy "pots"!  It is really inspiring to watch a person when they first discover SCENTSY - the look on their face is so wonderful!  It's like - WOW - I haven't smelled that since I was a kid, or that reminds me of my grandmother cooking during the Holidays....It means something different to each person! That is what keeps me going - the enjoyment that it brings to so many! I would love to talk to you - give me a call and we will talk "SCENTSY"!! <!--endbody-->